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Efficient Emergency Communication

Clear, reliable communications are imperative to the successful, secure, and safe operation of many businesses. Whether you need to reach a single individual or hundreds of people at once, a comprehensive communications system is necessary to keep everyone informed and protected.

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Sciens Communication Offerings

From a small school or clinic to a towering skyscraper or sprawling campus, our communications and mass notification systems provide critical instructions during an emergency event across multiple communications channels.

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Two-Way Communication Systems

Multi-channel or single panel, our two-way communications solutions are scalable for any application with the highest standards for installation and ongoing service.

Mass Notification

From catastrophic natural disasters to campus security threats, mass notification systems have become critical in crisis management, especially in campus environments. These systems relay concise and timely messages with potentially life-saving communications to students, employees, and visitors in the event of an emergency situation.

Integrated communications

Sciens integrates the most innovative and reputable systems on the market while taking a cohesive, multi-layer approach to providing a custom end-to-end solution that fits your facility’s needs. By providing the most advanced systems, we are able to seamlessly integrate paging, intercom, bell systems, pre-recorded messages and IP surveillance/security systems.


Our in-building Emergency Responder Radio Coverage Enhancement Systems provide in-building communications coverage for emergency responders. At Sciens we specialize in meeting and exceeding ERCES building requirements while providing and servicing multiple product offerings.

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Delivering Customized Solutions 

The NICET-certified experts at Sciens can design, deploy, and maintain any type of communication system your business requires, from simple PA and custom high-end audio systems to sophisticated mass and emergency notifications systems.

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Tailored for the dynamic and fast-paced aviation environment, our communication solutions deliver real-time information, from individual notification to mass communication, all the while keeping first responders informed as emergency events evolve. Seamlessly integrate our solutions into your airport infrastructure for swift and reliable communication with staff and travelers alike.

Elevate your auditorium experience with our bespoke Communication Solutions. We specialize in crafting immersive audio experiences that seamlessly integrate with our communication solutions. From crystal-clear event announcements to premium sound quality during performances, our custom audio solutions are designed to meet the highest standards.

Tailored for the unique dynamics of academic environments, our communications systems keep students, faculty, and staff informed in real-time. From urgent updates on campus events to crucial emergency notifications, our solution ensures swift and comprehensive communication. Elevate campus-wide safety protocols by implementing a Mass Notification System that seamlessly integrates with your institution’s structure.

Uplift patient care and safety in healthcare settings with Sciens’ communication solutions. Whether it’s critical emergency alerts or routine communication about medical procedures, our system ensures timely and secure information dissemination.

Transform guest safety and experience in your hotel with our state-of-the-art Mass Notification Systems. From providing timely updates on amenities and events to ensuring rapid communication during emergencies, our system is tailored for the unique needs of the hospitality industry.

Elevate workplace safety and efficiency with our advanced Mass Notification Systems tailored for office buildings. From instant alerts about building maintenance to emergency evacuation instructions, our system keeps your occupants informed and secure.

Enhance the safety and guest experience in your theme park with cutting-edge Mass Notification Systems. From providing real-time updates on ride closures, special events, or essential safety information, to promptly communicating in emergency situations, our system ensures seamless communication with both staff and visitors.

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Make sure everyone in your facility is protected and gets the information they need with a communications system from Sciens.

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From a simple announcement to a significant emergency event, a reliable communications system keeps everyone informed and aware of important information. Most often, your communications system might be part of the daily routine of your business operation, like paging individuals at an airport or ambient music in a hotel.

For hospitals and assisted living facilities, a communications system is vital to patient care and the workflow of the medical staff. This requires much more than a public address system. A more complex system like this includes emergency lighting, area-specific call capabilities (nurses station or security station) , in-room call buttons, digital signage, emergency notification panels and displays, power backup supply, and other automated features so the medical staff can respond quickly to the needs of patients and residents.

If an emergency event takes place in your business, it is imperative that you can communicate potentially lifesaving information instantly to everyone in your building, facility, or campus, as well as to first responders. Fires, natural disasters, dangerous weather, attacks, or intruder incursions can cause fear and panic for employees and anyone who is in your complex.  A communications and mass notification system provides the clear, accurate information that people need to respond quickly, calmly and ensure their safety.

Mass notifications systems integrate state-of-the-art technologies and hardware to disseminate important information to a large audience.  These systems send real-time information across multiple channels, such as PA, broadcast, desktop alerts, phone, email, and social channels. This is imperative in an emergency situation so  your personnel can see, hear, or read potentially life saving information regardless of where they are or what they’re doing when an emergency strikes.

The best mass notification systems are automated and integrated with other systems, so messages can be sent in seconds across all platforms and channels. Event-specific templates, pre-prepared messaging, and procedural workflows help provide accurate, clear information in real-time, which can be the difference between safety and tragedy.

A comprehensive communications system is a combination of hardware, software, and procedural guidelines working in sync to provide information to an entire organization or a specific subset of individuals, such as a nurse’s station or an onsite security team. Hardware includes emergency lighting and strobes, alarms, computers, digital displays, power backups, control consoles and panels, databases and more. Customized software technology and streamlines the communications process to make it easier to send the right messages and information quickly and reduces life threatening errors.

Of course, the most important component of any communications system are the people who operate it. Having the proper training, procedures, and guidelines helps ensure that your communications team is well-equipped to deal with any emergency event.

If you already have a PA, fire alarm, and/or other communication system, we can upgrade it to include a mass notification system, security systems, an Emergency Radio Coverage Enhancement System (ERCES), fire alert system, and others. Or your current system may just be outdated and needs the latest technologies and hardware to be properly integrated, so all your systems work in harmony to provide the most secure, reliable, and safe environment possible.