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We’ve crafted bespoke solutions across a diverse set of industries. Trust Sciens to deliver the services you need to connect and safeguard what matters most to you.

Industries We Serve

No matter the organization, Sciens has industry-specific expertise to protect your people and assets.

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Sciens takes a comprehensive approach to your building’s safety requirements. We understand that you have precise processes, complex chemicals, and specialized equipment and can design a building-wide integrated protection system that safeguards your people and secures property.

Our NICET-certified engineers have the experience necessary to solve the unique challenges of the industrial sector, ensuring your facility and operations remain safe and compliant.

We serve:

  • Distribution Centers
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Mills
  • Warehouses

Keeping the world moving. With people and cargo from all over the world moving in and out, security is of the utmost importance in the transportation industry. Our custom integrated fire, security and communications systems are designed to protect your passengers, staff, goods and property.

The experts at Sciens have years of specialized training in product design and application for complex infrastructures, ensuring compliance and maximum safety and security so you can keep the world moving.

We serve:

  • Airports
  • Cruise Line Terminals
  • Government Bases
  • Ports
  • Transportation Hubs
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Providing guests with peace of mind. In the highly-regulated hospitality industry, the safety of your clientele is paramount. People shouldn’t have to wonder about their well-being. Sciens helps protect your guests and employees while keeping your building secure via customized and fully integrated safety solutions.

Using advanced technology, our systems operate unobtrusively in the background without interrupting the customer experience or atmosphere.

We serve:

  • Single Ownership Facilities
  • Management Companies
  • Large Franchises
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Creating safe places for patients to heal and for staff to work. When stakes are high and lives are on the line, turn to Sciens for a customized and fully integrated safety and security system. As a healthcare facility, your list of concerns and challenges can be long and profound, from access control and sensitive areas to valuable equipment and onsite parking garages.

Our team of engineers and technicians has the expertise required to design, fabricate, install and maintain the safety and security systems in a wide variety of healthcare situations. We are also well versed in Joint Commission accreditation and HFAP compliance.

We serve:

  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Rehab Facilities
  • Assisted Living Facilities
  • Medical Offices
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Sciens understands the complexity surrounding the safety and security of government facilities. From military bases around the country to rural administration offices, the protection of people, property and critical data is crucial. As a one-source provider of integrated life safety, security, and electrical systems , Sciens has the knowledge and capability to do it all—design, fabrication, installation and maintenance. Our team of security experts has years of government contracting experience and the required security clearances to work in all environments.

We serve:

  • Local, County, State and Federal Buildings
  • Remote Satellite Offices
  • Detention Centers
  • Military Bases
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Enhancing safety and efficiency so your business thrives. Protect people, property, data and cash via an integrated safety and security system designed, installed, and monitored by the experts at Sciens.

Our custom fire detection and prevention systems keep patrons and employees safe, while our security solutions enhance efficiency and reduce internal and external theft. We’ve put together the best team in the industry to ensure your building is code compliant and your business remains crime-free.

We serve:

  • Stand-alone Store Sites
  • High-traffic Retail Centers
  • Multi-level Shopping Malls

Streamlining safety and security systems. Property management companies shoulder a diverse list of responsibilities. First and foremost is safeguarding the lives of your tenants, followed by the protection of the building itself.

As a one-source solution, Sciens can help you streamline your safety and protection systems for ease of operation, better tenant security and safety, and increased insights into the monitoring and control of your building.

We serve:

  • Commercial Office Buildings
  • Campuses
  • Condos
  • Large Apartment Complexes
  • Multi-family Properties

Optimizing safety and security when speed matters. At Sciens, our focus is life safety and continuity for your business. When you have high-value and mission-critical assets, a fire safety and security management system protects people, digital assets, sensitive equipment and valuable investments.

The shortest of downtimes can have considerable financial consequences. Minimizing the risk of fire damage and security threats are top priorities when we coordinate your protection with a customized and fully-integrated safety and security system.

We serve:

  • Data Centers
  • Lab Environments
  • Call Centers
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Making the workplace safer and more secure. Commercial office buildings possess a unique set of challenges—high floors, evacuation protocol, mass communication and access control to name a few. Different buildings have different solutions when it comes to safety and security, so we design custom systems that protect employees and property while enhancing operations and reducing costs.

Sciens can help you identify risks, stay compliant with ever-changing code requirements and, most importantly, keep your people safe and secure.

We serve:

  • High-rise Office Buildings
  • Office Campuses
  • Low-rise/Mid-rise Office Buildings
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Protecting what’s most important. There is nothing more important than the well-being of our children. Our priority is to create a safe and secure learning environment for your students and faculty. Sciens provides integrated life safety, security, communication and electrical systems that deliver total protection you can rely on in any situation.

From access management and surveillance to fire detection and mass alert notifications, our team of experts designs, installs and maintains integrated systems that evolve with your needs.

We serve:

  • Colleges and Universities
  • K-12 Schools