Fire and Life Safety Systems

Complete Protection through Detection & Suppression

Protect your employees, customers, clients, guests, and assets with a comprehensive fire and life safety system designed, installed, monitored, and maintained by the experienced professionals at Sciens.

Given that fire stands among the most deadly and damaging threats to businesses, causing nearly $1 billion in property damage in 2020 according to FEMA, safeguard your enterprise with Sciens. Our comprehensive fire detection and protection services offer:

  • Tailored, scalable solutions for businesses, buildings, facilities, or complexes of any size
  • Ensure compliance with national, state, and local codes to eliminate potential fines or closures
  • Experience peace of mind as your team and hard-earned assets are diligently protected
  • Our expert services guarantee meticulous maintenance, ensuring your systems operate seamlessly during emergency events.

Fire Alarm & Advanced Detection

Fires start quickly and unexpectedly. Detecting fires early can be the difference between a small event or a catastrophic tragedy.

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Fire Suppression

Our advanced fire protection systems stop fires at their source, protecting your building, assets, and people until emergency services respond.

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Fire Sprinkler

Our high-quality, customizable fire sprinkler systems will meet your needs while keeping fire and water damage to a minimum.

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