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Efficiently manage all your fire and life safety needs with Sciens Service Suite (S3). Our comprehensive service package addresses every aspect of fire and life safety, all from a single provider. We ensure that your systems work seamlessly together, and by testing them as an integrated whole, we guarantee correct functionality and a streamlined service experience.

Sciens Service Suite (S3) includes all design, engineering, installation, inspection, maintenance, monitoring, and testing:

Fire alarm and detection systems

Fire sprinkler

Sprinkler backflow preventers

Fire suppression systems

Kitchen hood systems

Fire extinguishers

Emergency exit lights

Central station monitoring

The Advantages of Bundling: How S3 benefits your business

Learn how S3 reduces risk, improves system integrations, and saves you time.

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Service Suite V5

Save Time

Single point of contact, ease of scheduling and coordinating visits, and simplified billing

Customized Service

Intimate knowledge of your facilities means informed advice and proactive future planning.

Efficient Service Calls

24/7 monitoring and service from a consistent team that knows your property

Integration Testing

Connected systems, reliably working together, reduce risk and improve efficiency

Reduced Stress

Reliable quality and trustworthy service mean a worry-free experience

Quality Reporting

High-quality, easily accessible test and inspection reports to ensure code compliance

Comprehensive Fire and Life Safety Solutions

Sciens Service Suite covers all aspects of design, engineering, installation, inspection, maintenance, monitoring, and testing.

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Our experts work with your systems

Sciens offers more than just fire-related services. We’re your trusted provider for comprehensive, bundled solutions that save you time without the headaches.

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