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Protect Your Business from a Fire Emergency

Early detection of a fire or potential fire is key to mitigating damage to your building, its contents, and most importantly, the people who are inside. And even a small fire can have a catastrophic impact on your business, because of smoke damage and extinguishing suppressants. It is imperative your business is equipped with a commercial fire alarm system that can detect fires early, alert proper staff and emergency responders, and if necessary, activate fire suppression systems.

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Our fire alarm systems are customized for your business, from a single stand-alone system to a fully networked solution that integrates voice audio, mass notification, ERCES and other safety systems to provide the highest level of fire detection, occupant notification, fire suppression, and life safety.

As a premier fire alarm system installation and inspection company, Sciens partners with the most respected fire detection and alarm manufacturers in the world.

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Sciens Detection Systems

Sciens offers a comprehensive suite of fire and life protection services across multiple industries, regardless of size, complexity, or type of business. Our fire detection and safety systems include:

Alarm & detection systems

Sciens fire detection professionals design, install, monitor, and maintain customized systems using state-of-the-art technology and equipment for the ultimate protection of your business assets and personnel.

Early warning smoke detection systems

Detecting fires quickly is paramount. Very early fire and smoke detection systems help ensure a fire or potential fire is detected and responded to as soon as possible. Our systems include combustible and/or toxic gas detection, as well as air sampling detection.

Ultraviolet/infrared detection systems

Instantly identify and analyze flames for an immediate response to a potential emergency and avoid false alarms. These systems are crucial and often required in specific industries, such as power plants, aircraft hangers and industrial warehouses.

Suppression detection systems

Different suppression systems are needed for specialized, hazardous environments, and include dry chemical, clean agent, kitchen, foam, and C02. Utilizing the proper suppressant agent is key since the wrong agent can worsen a fire emergency.

Linear heat detection systems

These systems detect potentially dangerous heat when no smoke is present. Utilizing wires or cables instead of a thermostat to detect the heat from a fire, linear heat detection systems work in locations where other systems may be ineffective.

Areas of Refuge

Help avoid panic in areas that have direct access to exits and/or dedicated areas where people can temporarily wait in safety while awaiting evacuation instructions or assistance from emergency responders.

Specialty Detection

Many industries require specialized detection and equipment due to location, as well as specific hazards and processes.

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Receive reliable UL-listed, central station monitoring 24/7/365 from our secure operation centers, as well as immediate dispatch of emergency services upon activation of your fire detection and alarm system.

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Ensure your existing fire alarm and detection systems function properly and are appropriate for your business. Our professional, factory-trained engineers and NICET-certified staff are on-call around the clock.

Highest Standards

We design, install, test/inspect, monitor, and maintain fire detection and alarm systems that meet and exceed all national, state, and local codes and regulations. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your fire and safety systems are securely protecting your business and your team.

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