Salesforce Transit Center: Sciens’s Impact

San Francisco, California

Salesforce Transit Center: Sciens’s Impact


The Salesforce Transit Center is a $2 billion transit station hub in downtown San Francisco, California, operating 11 transportation systems. It serves as the primary bus terminal – and potentially as a future rail terminal – for the San Francisco Bay Area. The centerpiece of the San Francisco Transbay development, construction is governed by the Transbay Joint Powers Authority. The 1,430-foot long building is located one block South of Market Street, a primary commercial and transportation artery in the city. It includes a 5.4-acre rooftop public park that is over four (4) blocks long.

Project Requirements

This project required a fire alarm system with integration to the in-building public address system to be used as the primary audio source for emergency notification. Integration to the mass notification system was also required.

Sciens Scope

Sciens was responsible for the design and installation of a code-compliant fire alarm system, including a custom-designed interface to send emergency notification messages from the fire alarm system to the supervised public address system. Additionally, we integrated the facility’s mass notification system into the fire alarm system to provide custom emergency notification messaging, and override control of the fire alarm system in the event of a mass notification event. We also designed and installed a unique solution for the rooftop public park by providing over 70 outdoor “300” candela beacons, which were synchronized across the 5.4-acre space. The entire fire alarm system has over 1,300 field devices.


The completed project consists of a comprehensive fire alarm system and a BiAmp public address system, which enabled the facility to avoid use of fire alarm speakers in an already-crowded environment. Integration with the BiAmp public address system makes this the primary emergency audio source for the transit facility. After receiving a special local listing from the San Francisco Fire Department, the integration allowed for the removal of fire alarm speakers throughout the facility and employed the use of BiAmp high-fidelity speakers for occupant notification.