The Importance of a Strong Integrator for Commercial Security Systems

5 ways a skilled integrator can improve your facility’s security program

Investing in commercial security systems is crucial for property managers, but maximizing the value of this investment requires more than just buying the right equipment. A strong integrator—an expert who understands and can manage all aspects of the security system—is essential for achieving the best results.

In this post, we’ll explore 5 ways a skilled integrator can improve your facility’s security program.

1. Efficient Security System Planning from the Start

The optimal time to employ the services of a competent integrator is during the design phase, before sending the project out for bid or beginning construction. Engaging an integrator early ensures that the entire system is planned and integrated from the start, avoiding common mistakes and inefficiencies.

Do you already have your security systems in place? You’ll still want a strong consultant to evaluate and optimize them regularly, ensuring you maximize the value of your security systems.

2. Expert Understanding of Security Systems

A competent integrator knows the full capabilities of each element in a security system, from endpoint devices like cameras, sensors, and card readers to control systems hardware and software. An expert understanding of commercial security systems ensures all components work together seamlessly in your facility.

Without this expertise, you risk having disparate systems that don’t communicate well with each other, which can complicate management and response to security events.

3. Tailored Security System Configuration and Management

Leveraging a single vendor makes managing and maintaining your security systems easier. A skilled integrator understands your facility’s architecture, operational requirements, and specific needs. They ensure that features like analytics are configured correctly on both the devices and within the management software. This configuration delivers relevant, actionable data, enabling a swift and effective response to any security issue.

A common mistake property managers make is using multiple subcontractors, leading to a fragmented setup with systems that don’t integrate well. This results in too many systems to manage, each providing insufficient information about alarm conditions. Avoiding this approach prevents inefficiencies and security vulnerabilities.

4. Implementation and Testing

An experienced integrator will have established policies for large-scale implementation and thorough site acceptance testing. This ensures that everything operates correctly from the start, minimizing downtime and disruptions. By taking a platform and vendor-agnostic approach, integrators allow you to direct the design and implementation based on your needs and preferences while maximizing the functionality and reliability of your systems.

Don’t underestimate the importance of testing your systems together. You don’t want to wait until a security event occurs to discover that your systems don’t communicate well.

5. Access to Cutting-Edge Technologies

Technology changes rapidly in today’s world. An integrator can help you incorporate cutting-edge tools into your security strategy, enhancing overall performance and efficiency.

Even those with limited budgets can access advanced technologies with a knowledgeable integrator. These include video management platform & storage virtualization, RADAR/LIDAR object tracking with automatic PTZ targeting, air quality monitoring with vapor detection, hyperspectral imaging, and advanced analytics for response, investigation, and planning.


Investing in security systems is just the first step. To truly maximize the value of your investment, it’s critical to have the support of a skilled integrator who can ensure that all components work together effectively. By involving an integrator during the design phase, you can avoid common issues and achieve a more reliable, efficient, and advanced security system. Even for systems already in place, an expert consultant can optimize and enhance their performance and recommend technology upgrades for improved security for your property.