Gilead Sciences Main Campus: Sciens Safety Solutions

Foster City, California

Gilead Sciences Main Campus: Sciens Safety Solutions


Founded in 1987, Gilead Sciences, Inc., is an American biopharmaceutical company with its worldwide corporate headquarters in Foster City, California. Gilead researches, develops, and commercializes drugs. The company focuses primarily on antiviral drugs used in the treatment of HIV, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, and influenza. As of late, they have been working on cancer therapy and COVID-19 solutions. Globally, Gilead employs approximately 12,000 people in 35 countries on six (6) continents. The main campus in Foster City consists of 32 buildings.

Project Summary

Sciens has been working with Gilead for over 20 years and commenced work with a large liquid leak detection system. Most recently, we assisted them with a large fire alarm lab project, two full building test & inspects, and one new ground-up building. Gilead relies on Sciens to ensure that all its campus systems are code-compliant and to provide a single multi-building fire alarm system that allows faster threat identification and response during a potential emergency event.

Sciens Scope

Over the years, Sciens has designed, installed, and commissioned several office buildings, labs, office tenant improvement projects, and multi-level parking garages for Gilead. These projects include solutions for fire alarm, smoke control, two-way communication, and leak detection for several buildings. Additional systems on campus include: • Three (3) large garage fire alarm systems • Four (4) two-way communication systems • Five (5) blue spill alarm systems • Nine (9) single story fire alarm systems • Five (5) voice evacuation fire alarms with smoke control Outcome

In the highly regulated pharmaceutical environment, the importance of code-compliant fire alarm systems is critical to ensure zero to little interruption to Gilead’s business mission. With over 3,500 fire alarm field devices, 500 blue spill devices and 100 two-way communication devices, Gilead is equipped with one of the most comprehensive and sophisticated campus fire alarm and communication systems in Northern California. Sciens’ efforts ensure that all of Gilead’s facilities comply with NFPA codes by leveraging our expertise in system design, installation and ongoing annual system testing and maintenance. Sciens has executed over 30 projects at the Gilead campus and is truly a life safety partner for this customer.