Services & Products

Services & Products

Sciens is in the business of providing protection and peace of mind for businesses across the United States. Our professional engineers and technicians design, install and maintain a full spectrum of systems that keep buildings safe and compliant. As a one-source provider, we ensure your systems integrate seamlessly. And our service departments are on-call around the clock to offer you the highest standard of excellence and security.

Your business is more than just a building. It encompasses employees, customers and guests, assets, hard work and purpose.

Asset theft, destruction of property, personal injuries or cybercrime can incapacitate a business. Workplace crime collectively costs U.S. businesses an estimated $50 billion a year. Cybercrime accounts for another $2.7 billion.

Buildings in the United States lose over $60 billion a year in energy from inefficient electrical systems. If your electrical system isn’t capable of handling your power demands or growing business needs, day-to-day operations…

Keep business flowing with clear and reliable communication. We design and build custom systems that ensure information is communicated glitch-free at the right time to the right people.

During 9/11, first responders were unable to communicate inside the World Trade Center properly. This tragedy triggered changes to the nation’s building codes, requiring commercial spaces to optimize radio and cell phone coverage in the event of a catastrophe.

We partner with the very best product manufacturers to provide our customers with superior protection products.