Fire Systems

Automatic Fire Suppression Systems

Balance safety with code compliance while safeguarding assets

Our code- and tech-driven automatic fire suppression systems are designed to extinguish fires at their source, while protecting your building and assets until emergency service can respond. Depending on your business environment, there are several options for the design, fabrication and installation of your automatic fire suppression system.

Automatic Fire Sprinklers

Automatic fire sprinkler systems can dramatically minimize damage to your building. Triggered by localized heat, our advanced designs direct water flow to the source of the fire rather than to a widespread area where flames may not exist. From the fire pump to the sprinklers—and everything in between—the experts at Sciens ensure your business meets and exceeds all national, state and local codes and regulations and that your system functions properly when it matters most.

Waterless Suppression

Environments with high-value, specialty or mission-critical assets require waterless suppression systems. Clean agent, foam, carbon dioxide or other wet or dry chemicals can be crucial for maintaining the integrity of your assets.

  • Automatic fire suppression systems are used alongside fire detection and systems and are quick to respond once heat and/or smoke is detected.
  • Our factory-trained employees are experts in system integration and can properly train your people to become familiar with all elements of your fire protection system.