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Fire and Life Safety Systems

Complete Fire Detection, Suppression & Prevention

Your business is more than just a building. It encompasses employees, customers and guests, assets, hard work and purpose. Without code-compliant fire and life safety systems in place, precious lives or hard-earned assets can be lost within minutes. FEMA estimates that 40 percent of companies fail immediately following a disaster and many more fail within a year. Safeguard everything that’s important to your business with a comprehensive fire and life safety system designed, installed, monitored, and maintained by Sciens and its professionals.

  • Protect every square inch of your commercial building or facility, including highly sensitive environments
  • Keep your business compliant with national, state and local codes and regulations (and eliminate expensive fines or closures due to violations)
  • Experience the peace of mind that comes from knowing your fire and life safety systems are ready to perform immediately

Fires are notorious for starting quickly and unexpectedly. Early detection can mean the difference between losing everything and keeping property damage and lost business opportunities to a minimum.

Our code- and tech-driven fire protection systems are designed to extinguish fires at their source, while protecting your building and assets until emergency service can respond.