Reliable Fire Systems

Emergency Responder Communication System

Effective communication is a lifeline during an emergency

During 9/11, first responders were unable to communicate inside the World Trade Center properly. This tragedy triggered changes to the nation’s building codes, requiring commercial spaces to optimize radio and cell phone coverage in the event of a catastrophe. 

Installing an Emergency Responder Radio Coverage System (ERRCS) is a crucial responsibility for building owners. As a signal booster, it allows emergency responders to communicate wirelessly in locations that have limited or zero connectivity. Through a network of antennas, outside radio frequencies are re-transmitted inside a building where the signal is weak or non-existent, decreasing emergency response time and ensuring help where it’s needed most.

  • All new buildings require an ERRCS, while existing buildings have varying timelines for compliance. Sciens has the expertise to guide you through the rules and regulations that apply to your industry and facility. 
  • We ensure that our designs and installations meet all local, state and national requirements, so that your systems are effective and compliant.