Supporting Veterans: Sciens’ Commitment

Sciens is committed to Veterans

Veterans mean a lot to Sciens. With more than 90 Veterans and counting across our organization, we are always thrilled to add more to our talented team, while helping those who have bravely served our country establish a career outside of military life.

Fostering Impactful Partnerships

We partner with organizations that help make a difference

Sciens is proud to partner with organizations that care about Veterans just as much as we do. With our over 20 locations across the country, we take pride in working with local Veteran organizations to help their members kickstart a fire-life safety and security career. We support Recruit Military, which empowers Veterans and military spouses through meaningful career opportunities. Being involved with these companies is something that reinforces our commitment to our current and future Veterans. American Warrior Festival unites Veterans through music and entertainment and we’re proud to have sponsored some of their amazing events.